Rengay is collaborative poetry written by two or three poets alternating three-line and two-line haiku or haiku-like verses in a six-verse thematic form. Garry Gay invented rengay, naming the form by combining his last name with “renga,” the centuries-old Japanese tradition of linked verse. He and Michael Dylan Welch wrote the first two-person rengay together in 1992, and Michael proposed the three-person variation. This website celebrates rengay by presenting historical rengay, Michael’s rengay with various authors, including solo and six-person rengay variations, his city rengay, all the pieces from his solo rengay book, True Colour, his essays on rengay, and a comprehensive collection of essays by others that promote and celebrate rengay poetry. See a list of recent site additions below.

This site also features contributions chosen for the 30th anniversary online rengay anthology, with collaborations from around the world. Selections from this collection will also become a printed book, with publication anticipated in 2023. Please also share your rengay on Facebook.

Celebrate Rengay’s 31st Anniversary on 9 August 2023

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