An Autumn Tale

by Sarah Welch and Michael Dylan Welch


First published in Presence #76, July 2023, page 81. Originally written 29 September 2019, on the road from Bothell to Anacortes, Washington, when Sarah was 13 years old. We wrote this to go with our previous rengay, “A Summer’s Tale” and “A Winter’s Tale.” If it weren’t for that, I think I’d call this rengay “Sweater Weather.”



back to school—

a friend asks

about my summer Sarah


maples turning

in the arboretum Michael


city lights on the bay—

the haunted house sign

buffeted by wind Sarah


garden store—

Thanksgiving decorations

at half price Michael


even for the Chihuahua

sweater weather Sarah


moonlit mountain—

rumours of snow

in tonight’s forecast Michael