Cape Perpetua

by Michael Dylan Welch and Jim Rodriguez


First published in Blithe Spirit 33:4, November 2023, pages 82–83. Originally written 11 June 2023 on I-5 between Corvallis and Wilsonville, Oregon, with a new third verse added 13 June 2023 in Sammamish, Washington. My photos of Cape Perpetua shown here, and please see more photos from the trip that inspired this rengay.

full parking lot—

stunted pines

at the cliff edge Michael


the famous viewpoint

shrouded in mist Jim


whipping wind—

another step closer

to the blowhole Michael


the stream vanishes

into the sand

just before the ocean Jim


a whale’s dry jawbone

at the visitor center Michael


as the common murres

return to roost

sunlight fades Jim