City Rengay

These rengay by Michael Dylan Welch with various writing partners celebrate cities of the world, each rengay typically focusing on a single city. Download or view the “City Rengay” trifold, where five of these rengay also appear, on the Trifold Downloads page on my Graceguts website.

A Moveable Feast
with Agnes Eva Savich


with Olivier Schopfer


Out Late
with Angela Terry

and Tanya McDonald


with Alan S. Bridges

(Scandinavian capitals)

Even in Toronto
with Naomi Beth Wakan


Totem Pole Mist
with Alan S. Bridges
and Brad Bennett


Winnipeg Wind
with Debbie Strange


City of Vapors
with Carlos W. Colón,
Paul Kreth, Stacy Pendergrast, David G. Lanoue,
and Howard Lee Kilby

(Hot Springs, Arkansas)

Olvera Street
with Oleg Kagan

(Los Angeles)

Even in Kyoto
with Jennifer Sutherland