by Michael Dylan Welch and Olivier Schopfer

First published in Presence #63, March 2019, page 64 (photo below). This rengay is also included in my “City Rengay” trifold, available for viewing or download. Originally written via email in November and December of 2018. See also my haibun, “Dear Oliver.”

sparkling swans . . .

wisps of spray

from the Jet d’Eau Michael

shining in the rain

the Vieille Ville’s cobblestones Olivier

the shadows of flags

at the Palais des Nations . . .

pond ripples Michael

cloud drift

rivers Rhône and Arve

merging Olivier

my friend’s grave

wet with Mont Salève snowmelt Michael

summer breeze

Lake Geneva dotted with

brightly colored sails Olivier