Winnipeg Wind

by Michael Dylan Welch and Debbie Strange

First published in the “Hands Across the Water” special collaborative poetry issue of The Bamboo Hut in December 2018, page 41. Also available on Amazon. Also posted to Debbie Strange’s Warp and Weft blog on 16 December 2018. This rengay is also included in my “City Rengay” trifold, available for viewing or download. Rengay originally written in January 2017. Debbie lives in Winnipeg, and I used to.

Portage and Main—

the wind whipping snow

after my missed bus Michael

Assiniboine Forest at dusk

a deer flicks its tail Debbie

in the ruin

of St. Boniface Cathedral

a crushed snail Michael

another heatwave—

Leo Mol nudes recline

in the garden Debbie

the Golden Boy

still pointing north Michael

at Fort Whyte

the snowshoe tracks

of humans and hares Debbie