Thump of a Rose

by Billie Dee, Josh Wikoff, and Michael Dylan Welch

Winner of an honourable mention in the 2009 Haiku Poets of Northern California rengay contest. In commenting on this rengay, judge Billie Wilson wrote that “‘Thump of a Rose’ is haunting and some of the verses are totally stunning.” First published in Mariposa #22, Spring/Summer 2010, page 29. Written on Facebook, 16–23 May 2009.


a dead friend’s name

on the tip of my tongue Billie

hissing, a lava finger

enters the sea Josh

rustling aspen

mouse bones

in the barn-owl pellet Michael

a locust storm

above the field corn Billie

spawned out

each stone in the river

lends its voice Josh

the thump of a rose

on the child’s casket Michael