Christmas in the City

by Jim Force (Nika), Michael Dylan Welch, and vincent tripi

First published in Woodnotes #23, Winter 1994, page 8–9. Written 20 December 1993, at the Toy Boat Café in San Francisco. See also “Summer in the Country,” written with Jim (and Colleen Gerrish Force) in 2011, which bookends the following rengay, eighteen years later.

Christmas in San Francisco—

one in shorts

another in a parka Jim

a crack in the pavement

stops a strand of tinsel Michael

street-corner santa

drops a coin

into the beggar’s cup vincent

the fog lifts . . .

St. Dominic’s bell Jim

slowing for the traffic light—

a Christmas wreath

on the fire truck’s grill Michael

crowded cable car:

the evening star vincent