Bottoms Up

by Kelly Sauvage Angel, Terri L. French, Agnes Eva Savich, Jeff Hoagland, Tanya McDonald, Michael Dylan Welch

First published in Failed Haiku #45, October 2019, page 79. Originally written on 10 August 2019 at the Haiku North America conference, in Room 302 of the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina (after, ahem, some skinny dipping in the hotel pool).

offering myself

to the moon

midnight swim Kelly

the push and pull

of her breaststroke Terri

longing to submerge

I dangle my feet

in the old pool Agnes

beneath the surface

our incidental touch Jeff

into the deep end

two bodies

one wake Tanya

out of the darkness

a camera’s flash Michael