Bedtime Stories

by the Naughty Pines

Three rengay written anonymously in the Spruce meeting room at the Seabeck Haiku Getaway late at night on 26 October 2019, in Seabeck Washington.


no kiss from my date

I suck out the pimentos

from a jar of olives

whipped cream on her toes

he looks for the cherry

newlyweds next door


with Bach

too late she discovers

his anime fetish

the stud

in his belt

catches her hair

at the orgy someone asks

“who else is coming?”


roll over

I can’t find

the hole

peeking through the curtain

wolf moon

well hung

on the knob

star-spangled panties

the smell of something

on their fingers

dessert buffet


between the sheets

at Seabeck

nice guys finish last


a long stare

from the dog

we change positions


the train’s still rocking

she peels off

his fishnet stockings

with her teeth

the walls of the Chunnel

closing in

the swingers insist

their cucumbers be


our common ground

the mile-high club