30th Anniversary

Rengay Anthology Submissions

Garry Gay invented rengay, the six-verse form of thematic linked poetry, in August of 1992. To mark rengay’s 30th anniversary in 2022, Michael Dylan Welch seeks your best rengay for an anthology to be provided here on this website, with selections to be published by Press Here in a printed book. To submit your rengay, please follow these submission guidelines exactly:

The anthology’s main sections will feature rengay by two and three contributors, with likely sections of solo and six-person rengay, and experimental rengay. This anthology will also be open to representing rengay from as many countries as possible, and welcomes rengay in languages other than English (the original languages must be submitted with the English translation). I look forward to considering your rengay collaborations and celebrating rengay’s 30th anniversary! —Michael Dylan Welch

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